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Possible earlier generation than Generation #1 is William Minto born 1770 in England and died 1808 in St. Mary, Battersea, Surrey, England.  He married a Francis LNU who was born about 1775 in England.

William and Francis LNU Minto

William:  1770-1808, died at St. Mary, Battersea, Surrey, England

 JOHN MINTO (1803-1860) and wife, Elizabeth
Ditchburn (1801-1881) Minto

NOTE:  Important possibility!  In the death certificate for John and Elizabeth Minto's daughter, Margaret Minto Northrup, it lists her birth mother as Elizabeth Swetten.  I have found nothing to date to support this concern!


JOHN MINTO was born 1803 in Hull, Yorkshire England. On May 20, 1820 he married an Elizabeth Ditchburn who was born during 1801 in Bedale, Yorkshire, England also.  They married at Chester, County Durham on May 20, 1820

John & Elizabeth had 5 children in 18 yrs, all born in England:

1)  William Mark (See next generation)

2)  John Minto Jr. was born on September 10, 1839 in England and died on October 5, 1919 in Otis Orchards, Spokane, WA.  John was baptized on October 6 1939 in Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, England.

3)  Margaret Minto (Mrs. Northrup), pictured below with daughter Frances Ella Northrup and then pictured when Margaret was older.  Margaret was born in July of 1841 in England, and died 18 April 1907 in PA, USA.






1870 703 2nd St in Towanda PA Census showing Mr. and Mrs. Northrup and their daughter Francis.  Margaret's parents were foreign born, but not Melvin's.  Francis' mother was born in England, of course, also.

This is their house address today, but it does seem to be a 1900 one with dual chimneys and may have been their home then ►.

Daughters, Lena and Frances Ella Northrup










4)  Robert Minto was born 1843 in England.  He came with his parents/family to America in 1858:

5)  Thomas Minto was born in June 1849 in England;  he passed away on 30 November in 1902 in Ginter, Clearfield County, PA. Thomas married Sarah Ann Cowperthwaite in 1869 and they had 8 children within 25 years. He was a coal miner. Thomas died at 53 and is buried in Brisbin, PA.  NOTE:  If the immigration info below for the family is correct, then Thomas was only 2 when he immigrated into America on July 8, 1858; this means he was born about 1856 and not in 1849.  They came to America on the Ship Wyoming from Liverpool, England.


Elizabeth Ditchborn/Swetten born



John Minto born



John and Elizabeth marry

John: 17

Elizab: 19

Dec 1830

Wm Mark Minto born



John Minto Jr born



Margaret Minto (Mrs. Northrup) born



Robert Minto born



Thomas Minto born


1851 England Census

John Minto AGE 47

Elizabeth Minto AGE 49

John Minto Jr AGE 13  (b. 1838-39)

Margaret Minto AGE 11 (b.1840-41)

Robert Minto AGE 8  (born 1843)



I Missed You All! - News - BubblewsThomas Minto born (per Immigration)  Vs. 1849

I Missed You All! - News - Bubblews




Thomas Minto AGE 2 (b. 1856)




John Minto age 57 (b. 1803)

Elizabeth Ditchborn/Swetten age 59 (b. 1801)

John Minto Jr Age 20 (b. 1840)

Margaret Minto Age 19 (b. 1839)

I Missed You All! - News - Bubblews Robert Minto Age 18 (b. 1838) vs. 1843

Thomas Minto Age 12 (b.1848)

Wm Mark Minto Age 19 (b. 1930)



I Missed You All! - News - Bubblews


John Minto  dies age 57 (b. 1803)




Wm Mark Minto Age 40  (b. 1930)

Mother Elizabeth Ditchborn/Swetten  Age 69 (b. 1801)



John Minto died

age 57



Thomas Minto dies

Age 53


Margaret Minto (Mrs. Northrup) dies

Age 66


Wm. Mark Minto died



Margaret Minto Northrup's husband Melvin dies (a widower)
















Sometime between 1851 in England and 1860 in Pennsylvania, the entire family immigrated to America.  Likely came to America on July 8, 1858, 2 years before the PA 1860 census and 7 years after the English 1851 census for Durham County.

By 1860 census they are living in Monroe, Bradford, PAThey had 5 known children including William Mark Minto (1830-1909) who in the 1860 census lived next door to his parents John and Elizabeth. (Generation 2).  Mark was married to Ann and had William and Joseph as their two children in 1860 census:

JOHN MINTO (JR.) who was born about 1840.
MARGARET MINTO who was born about 1841.
ROBERT MINTO who was born 1843; born in  Gainford, Durham, England.
who was born about 1848.

In the 1870 Census Elizabeth is 69 and living in Towanda, Bradford County, PA.  Elizabeth is living with her son Mark who is 40 and his wife Annie who is 34.  Elizabeth's grandchildren in the home are William (13), Joseph (11), Elizabeth (7) and Mark (4) plus baby Margaret who is just under one year of age.


Elizabeth and John Minto gravestones at Cole Cemetery in Monroeton, Bradford County, PA. Find A Grave Memorial# 138699723 and # 138699661


William Mark  Minton & wife Anna "Annie" Lewis Minto
son of John and Elizabeth Ditchburn Minto)

WILLIAM MARK MINTO who was born in (likely born in Dunham) England on 18 Dec 1830.  William died on October 14th in 1909 in America - in Suitland, PGC County,  MD. 


As a kid, Lonnie recalls visiting Mark's large house which overlooked the current Suitland Parkway; part of the land covered a portion of present day Andrews Air Force Base. 
Home on Suitland Road, which purchased in 1918:

 This may be the Christening info on Mark Minto:

WILLIAM MARK MINTO  married ANNA LEWIS, daughter of HUMPHREY LEWIS and ELIZABETH POOLE around 1857.  Annie was born the day after Christmas in 1834  in Pennsylvania, a slightly delayed "Christmas present".  Her father was born in Wales; her mother in England. Annie died 1921 on Halloween in Suitland, MD - more than a decade after her husband died there.  William Mark Minto never became a citizen of the United States after he immigrated to America.  When he lived in Chicago IL, he is said to be the inventor of Eisen Glass used, for example, in wood stoves;  he purchased nearly 900 acres in Suitland around 1880 with the patent money.  William Mark Minto died 14 Oct 1909 in Suitland, PGC, MD.

Example of Eisen Glass Wood Burning Stove


Children of William Mark  & Anna "Annie" Lewis Minto

1)  SON:  WILLIAM MARK MINTO, Jr.  b. Dec 1857 in PA

2)  SON:  JOSEPH SWEETEN MINTO, b. 15 Mar 1859, Tioga County, PA; he was still living in Towanda PA during the 1870 census, but by the time he died on 25 Sep 1931 he and his family were living in Suitland, MD, where Joseph died.   He married EMMA JANE PECK  Sep 11, 1883, daughter of HAMMOND PECK and EMMA BURNS. She was born 11 Dec 1866 in Kane County, IL, and died 09 Aug 1916 in Providence Hospital, Washington DC.  


3)  DAUGHTER:  ELIZABETH MINTO, b. Dec 1863 in PA; Never married as of 1930 Census.

4)  SON:  MARK MINTO b. Mar 1866 in PA. married

5)  DAUGHTER:  MARGARET IRENE "MAGGIE" MINTO, b. Oct 9, 1869 in PA.  She married BENJAMIN BADEN CATOR (a CATOR LINE).  Baden and Maggie lived in Prince George's County, MD and had the following children:

Irene Cator, born 23 Apr 1901 in DC.  Irene Cator married Hershel M. Chevalier. Hershel was born 25 May 1916 in Altoona, PA and lived till  27 Sep 1976. He died 9/27/1976  and was buried 30 Sep 1976 in Arlington National Cemetery. Hershel was a retired Master Sgt in the U.S. Army with 32 years of service.  He retired on September 1, 1968.  His parents were Bernard Monroe and Dessie Nolan Chevalier. She died on 12 May 1967 in Alexandria, VA and is buried in Arlington, VA.
Baden Minto Cator, born 29 Sep 1902 in SE Washington DC; died 13 Apr 1973 in DC.  Buried at Ft. Lincoln Cemetery
Clyde Minto Cator born 1904 in DC
Walter Leroy "Reds" Cater, born 14 Feb 1906 in DC; died 19 Nov 1974 in DC.  Buried at Ft. Lincoln Cemetery
Ross or Russell Cator, born about 1908 in DC.

Violet Irene Cator
who was born on 23 April 1901 and baptized on November 12 of that same year.


1860 CENSUS:   William Mark Minto and his wife Annie are living in Maryland with their toddlers William Mark, Jr., and  Joseph Sweeten Minto.  Next door to them are his parents, John Minto and Elizabeth Minto with four of their children - John age 20, Margaret, age 19, Robert age 18, and Thomas age 12.  Both families farm.

1870 Census:  William Mark Minto is now a farmer owning $1300 of real estate and $1000 of personal property.  Annie is 34 and keeps house.  Annie's parents are listed as being of "foreign birth" -- Wales and England.  William Mark Minto's mother, Elizabeth Minto, is living with he and his family.

1900 CENSUS:   William Mark Minto and his wife Annie are now living in Spauldings District of Prince George's County, MD, with their children Elizabeth,  Mark and Maggie, plus their nephew John Wilson.   Mark was born in England to England-born parents; Annie in Pennsylvania to Wales-born father and England-born mother.  Children were all born in Pennsylvania. Nephew John Wilson also born in Pennsylvania to an England-born father and Pennsylvania born mother.  1900 Census  Spauldings, Prince George, MD;  Roll: T623 626; Page: 12A; ED: 96.

Living on the same street (street name unknown, but listed on same page) is the family of Joseph and Emma Minto and their daughter Jennie Blanche (See Children of Generation #4 below).  Also living with them is Joseph's brother, WilliamEmma is born in Illinois to a Scotland born father and an English born mother.   Joseph works as a Market Gardener.  Blanche attends school.  Brother William is a Farmer.

1910 CENSUS:   Annie Minto, a widow, is now living on New Cut Road in Spauldings 6th Dist, Prince Georges County, MD.  Annie is listed as having 4 living children only.  She is 73.  Her son William (single at age 52) and daughter Elizabeth (single at age 46) live with her, as it appears does son Joseph who is also listed as "Head" also with his wife Emma.  Emma is listed as age 46 with one living child.  William, Annie and Joseph do general farming.  Annie's parents were born in Wales.

Four doors down the street is the Benjamin Walls family.  Benjamin married Jennie Blanche Minto and they have three children:  Louis W. age 5; Benjamin age 2, and an infant daughter.   (See Generation 4)

1920 CENSUS:   Elizabeth Minto, her mother Anne, and her brother William H. are listed as living in Prince George's County, MD in the 1920s.  Elizabeth if 53, her mom is 82 and her brother is 62.  They were all born in Pennsylvania.

1930 CENSUS; PGC, MD taken on April 21, 1930 on Suitland Road.  

Joseph S. Minto, age 71, born PA, married when he was 61 to Mary C. Minto when she was 41; she is now 52.  Joseph was born in PA; Mary C. in Maryland to Maryland-born parents. Roll: 877; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 16; Image: 904.0.

They live next door to the Walls family.  Benjamin Walls is the head of this family at age 48, born in Maryland, and marrying Jennie Blanche Minto when he was 22 and she was 18 (July 5, 1904).  Jennie is also from Maryland; her father born in Pennsylvania; mother in Illinois.  Their children are Louis J., 25 born in DC; Benjamin R., 22 born in DC; Ethel M. 19, born in MD; Robert R. 17, born in MD; Lillian H. 13, born in MD; Margaret I.  11 born in MD; Violet E. 8 born in MD; James A. 5 born in DC; and George N. 1 year and 5 months old, born in DC.   The births suggest that the family lived in DC from about1904 to 1911; then Maryland from 1911 to 1922+; then returned to DC by 1925.


 The only two children of Joseph Sweeten& Emma Peck Minto


  Daughter Jennie Blanche Minto was born on the 20th of December in 1885 in Suitland, Prince George's County, MD.  She died in 1965 on August 18th in Frederick MD. She and her husband are buried in Washington National Cemetery in Suitland, MD.

Jennie married Benjamin Aloysius Walls on July 5, 1904 when she was 18.  Benjamin was born on  March 9, 1882 in Brandywine MD (PGC).  He had brown hair and eyes and was medium built and height. 

In 1918 he was a farmer.  He was a trucker for SE Express in 1937 Directory for DC and the 1930 Census.

Benjamin's WWI Draft Registration Card:


His WWII Draft Registration Card indicates on the back side that he had a fractured vertebrae, was 5'7" tall, 168 lbs., with a ruddy complexion, brown eyes and gray hair.  Below is the front side of the card. from which we affirm that he was born March 9, 1882 in Brandywine MD and now lives in Anacostia, DC at the age of 60.  He works at Walls Store in Suitland (likely he or another family member owns this store).




From the 1930 Census in Suitland, MD, we learn that Benjamin and Jennie live next door to her parents Joseph S. and Mary C. Minto.  They all live on Suitland Road.  There are still 9 children living at home with Ben and Jennie, ranging in ages from 1.5 years to 25.  Ben is a laborer for "Express".  Louis works in an auto body repair shop.  Ben R. is a florist.  Ethel works in a cafe and Robert in a bakery.  None of the others work outside of the home.  Joseph Minto next door continues to work as a farmer. It should be noted that Joseph may have been a widower as he married a Mary C. at age 61, when Mary was 41. 

Note:  Two sons are Louis "Buck" Joseph Walls (1905 - 1974) and Benjamin Richard Walls (1907 - 1988).  See right column for grave of Buck Walls.  Benjamin Richard Walls was born July 31, 1907 in PGC, MD and died in Charles County MD Nov. 24, 1988.  He married Mary Emma Smith (1912 - 2008) and had children Emma Marie Walls Dove (1931 - 2009) and Benjamin Eugene Walls (1940 - 2009).   Benjamin Richard Walls is buried at Trinity Memorial Gardens in Waldorf MD.



Lillian Minto Born in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA 1883, Lillian Anna Minto married Arthur Lawrence Latimer 7 Jul 1904 in Washington DC per District of Columbia, Select Marriages, 1830-1921

They had two  children:

1)  Evelyn Viola Ida Latimer born 1905 in Washington, DC and died June 20, 1947.  Viola would grow up to marry George Edward Clubb, Sr. and have two children:  Helen and George Jr.  Viola would marry a second time to Harold Wood.

2)  Lillian Estelle Latimer born 7 January 1908 in Silver Hill, PGC, MD and died Sept. 30 1975 in Oxen Hill, PGC, MD.

Mom, Mrs. Lillian Anna Minto Latimer, died on August 14, 1908 in Silver Hill.  She was just 25 and her youngest daughter was about 7 months old.

Dad, Arthur Lawrence Latimer, son of John Walter Latimer and Eliza Rebecca Richardson, was born December 13, 1881 in Silver Hill, MD.  He died August 5, 1947 in Suitland, MD.  They are buried at St. Barnabas Church Cemetery in Temple Hills, MD, where we have some Cator kin buried. His parents were John W. Latimer (1857-1935) and Eliza Rebecca Richardson (1863-1935).  I do not believe Arthur Lawrence Latimer ever married again.  

In the 1910 census for the 6th District of Prince George's County (Silver Hill Road), Arthur is living with his brother-in-law's family (Jesse Swan, his wife Effie who is Arthur's sister, and the Swans' 1 year old daughter Augusta); Arthur is a widow.  Arthur works as a saloon keeper.  The very next home is that of Arthur's parents, John and Eliza Latimer.  John and Eliza raising four of their 7 living children and are also raising Arthur's daughters, Viola and Lillian.  See 1910 Census clipping below:


WWII Draft Registration Card:  Note: This is likely 4461 Silver Hill Road in Suitland, MD



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 Mark Minto
Photo courtesy of
Lonnie Walls


This is grave of "Buck" Walls and his wife Rose Eleanore Walker Walls (1910 - 1989) at Resurrection Cemetery in Maryland.

Children of Jennie and Benjamin Walls












































































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