The popular book series, WARRIOR CATS, was, and is, written by Erin Hunter.  "Erin Hunter" is actually the pen name of two authors who collaborate in creating this series.

Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry ARE "Erin Hunter" and they wrote the first book INTO THE WILD in 2003.

Their second series WARRIORS: THE NEW PROPHECY was published just two years later in 2005. 

This year, 2007, they will publish the first book of their third series, WARRIORS:  THE POWER OF THREE, THE SIGHT, plus another two books called FIRESTAR'S QUEST and the SECRETS OF THE CLANS.

The series is about four Clans of cats in the forest land:  WindClan for the Moor cats; ThunderClan for the cats in the oak forest; ShadowClan for those in the pine forest; and RiverClan for the cats near the rivers.  Each cat follows the "warrior code" established by the StarClan of ancestor cats.   


The books I have read are:

The Warrior Series books 1-6
1. Into The Wild
2. Fire and Ice
3. Forest of Secrets
4. Rising Storm
5. A Dangerous Path
6. The Darkest Hour

 The New Prophecy series books 1-5
1. Midnight
2. Moonrise
3. Dawn
4. Starlight
5. Twilight



Warriors Power of Three #1: The Sight
Available According to Amazon Books:  April 24, 2007
Hardcover Book List Price $16.99; On Amazon.com for $11.55.

ThunderClan's Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, two noble warriors, have three kits, Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw who are going to become apprentices.  These kits are the grandkits of Firestar and Tigerstar!  Each young cat has an unusual power or talent, and a dark secret surrounding them.  Prophecy  foretells of trouble to come though the three are destined, it would seem, to bring the strength needed for the Clan's survival of this next generation. 
The Sight
story begins just 6 moons after the events in Sunset.

Prophecy known to Firestar:
There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws. 
The three will have "more power for good or evil than any cat that has walked the forest before."

Manga Series Book 1:  "Warriors: The Lost Warrior"
Tokyopop is supposed to release a Manga in May 2007 per an agreement between Publishers Tokyopop and Harper Collins.  The tale is about the Tomcat Graystripe.   ThunderClan's forest home is destroyed.  Graystripe is trying to help his clan escape, but is captured and comes to enjoy his pampered kittypet life with kittypet ally Millie...but he misses the life of a warrior cat.  The stoy relays his quest to return to ThunderClan.  Will he find his way to the Clan?  Or stay with the Twolegs? 
 It is meant to bridge the gap between The New Prophecy and Power of Three.

Available According to Amazon Books:  May 8, 2007
112 pages $6.99

From: TokyoPop


The Lost Warrior is the first of a trilogy set.
The second book is to be released in December 2007.

Warriors Field Guide:  Secrets of the Clans
This book is supposed to be a guide to all the Clans and Felines.  Also to include things like what Starclan thought about Bluestar giving up her kits so she could be ThunderClan's deputy, what Ashpaw and Fernpaw thought when they led dogs away from camp; how the Clans first came to be in the forestfold-out maps, herb list, and hopefully more pictures of the Clan Cats!

Available According to Amazon Books:  June 1, 2007
Hardcover Book List Price $15.99; On Amazon.com for $11.35.



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